Aubrey & Josh Leeker have been professional photographers since 2009. Our photography style blends photo-journalism with stylized portraiture--in a nutshell we love to tell the story of a day. Whether it be a wedding day, a brand new baby, or just a walk in the park, life is full of magical moments and we love to bottle them up with photographs.

We spent three years living in Seoul, Korea. Living abroad has its challenges and adventures, and for us those challenges were more exciting with a camera strapped to our back. We challenged ourselves, joined photography clubs, and ultimately started doing larger photography projects which lead to moving home to open our business.

When we aren't shooting weddings and portraits we love to chase our little girls around the yard, dig in our garden, hit up a farmer's market, bike, camp, drink good coffee, ski, and other creative outlets including painting, punk rock, and home decor--essentially what we call, the good life! We love living in Lincoln, Nebraska!

About our logo:

When we got married (over ten years ago!!) we were given a pair of wooden Korean wedding ducks that could be placed on the mantle. We were told that if we were getting along the ducks were to face each other and if we were in a disagreement they were to face opposite directions. They are basically a symbol of wealth, health and a good life. According to our logo we are always in agreement ;).

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